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A Vicar’s Reflection

27th March 2020
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When words are too much.

As I sit and reflect over the last few days, what have I done to refresh my soul? I have delved into a little scripture, read emails, and messages in many forms; I have discovered Zoom is no longer just a lolly made by Lyons Maid!

However, where I have found most connection with God is in music with few words, listening to Scala (other stations are available) an instrumental version of “ Fix you” by Coldplay triggered my thoughts and prayers towards those who were trying to fix those who are  ill, create a vaccine, those trying to bring home those who are stuck abroad.

Listening to Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Williams, Kamen and so many more, has really helped me.

I have also got out in my Garden; certain bushes and trees had begun to run rampant, the scent as I pushed down into my green bin and broke the bay leaves I had trimmed from the bush was a gift from God.

I loved looking at the intricacy of the Magnolia, most buds still tightly cocooned, yet some just breaking out into flower which reminded me of the hope of the resurrection, something marvellous yet to come. In this difficult time where we are literally cocooned and words can become too much, don’t be afraid to look for God in all things and when words are too much put some music on, find some space and just look for God in his creation.

Revd Capt Clive Deverell, Vicar of St Mary’s Lydiard Tregoze