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12th April 2020
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Paul Gardner, Chair St Mary’s Lydiard Tregoze Conservation Project, reports:

I have the pleasure to enclose a selection of photos of the work carried out by Ellis & Co who finished on site on Maundy Thursday.

Ellis & Co have completed their work for this part of the project on schedule and within budget – this included repair work to the pews & timberwork (in situ) installation of the new heating & lighting system, fitting out of the Vestry, Installation of new lighting to the  path and rear from the house to the St John Chapel door.

Ellis & co will return for some fine tuning, connection of the plumbing to the sink in the Vestry.

Commissioning of the lighting & heating will take place when it is safe to return.

Conservator Jane Rutherfoord, who departed one week early, will return to finish off the work to the wall paintings when it is safe to return.


Fitted out Vestry


View from South Porch Door


Font and new radiator


New welcome area


New path lighting