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Youth Theatre Paints the Past

25th July 2019
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Audiences were swept along by Prime Theatre’s captivating performances of ‘Painting the Past’ in Lydiard Park over the 19th and 20th July. The play was the result of months of research mixed with theatrical imagination and brought real Lydiard characters and the story of art work in St. Mary’s Church to life.

Emily Lucas of Lydiard Park Academy made a very compelling Sir John St. John, weighed down by the loss of 3 sons to fighting in the Civil War. A chorus of characterful painters led us through the lawns and woodland of Lydiard, conjuring up Sir John’s life in pictures, with dance, rap and wit. Queen Elizabeth made a stylish appearance and all the cast, drawn from Lydiard Tregoze Primary School and Lydiard Park Academy, performed with panache.

I would like to say how amazing the Prime Theatre ‘Painting the Park’ production was. The creativity, the wonderful writing, the mix of modern and old music, the humour,  the movement in telling the story, the simple use of props, dance and the wonderful young people who were faultless made it one of the most memorable pieces I have seen. It would be great to see it again in future celebrations. It brought joy to everyone who saw it.

Gail Bryon, West Swindon Partnership Schools Worker